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Multi-Shot Molding

Multi-shot Molding Incorporates Five Materials in One-Piece Handle

Philips Oral Healthcare, a division of Philips Consumer, turned to Phillips-Medisize to incorporate five materials in a one-piece toothbrush handle. Four of the seven total parts are created using the multi-shot molding process. 

The multi-shot molding process, combined with the creation of a one-cavity tool, makes it possible for Philips Oral Healthcare to achieve optimum durability and aesthetic appeal of its Sonicare® Elite electric toothbrush. As an added benefit, the program helps Philips Oral Healthcare save on assembly and material costs. 

Testing the Waters

Being a consumer product that is used daily, it’s a given that over time the Sonicare® Elite would get dropped and become exposed to elements such as abrasive toothpastes and excess water. As the program progressed, representatives from Phillips-Medisize played an important role in choosing materials that could withstand these mishaps. The rugged, durable materials selected for the toothbrush were chosen based on these worst case scenarios, but the product still had to endure rigorous testing to ensure it would hold up in these extreme cases. Scrupulous chemical, drop, and wash testing were done to determine if the parts were strong enough to hold up. In the end, the product endured the tests, proving it was fit to be used in even the toughest everyday settings. 


“I have a very favorable impression of working with Phillips-Medisize. Both Philips Oral Healthcare and Phillips-Medisize are focused on putting the best foot forward to make the best quality product. I received 100% support from every team member – engineers, manufacturing support, supervisors, management, and the people on the floor – everyone stepped up to help out.”

– Jeff Kelly, Plastics Engineer, Philips Oral Healthcare




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